How do I become an HYL partner / teacher?

How to become an English teacher, even if you are have

had no teacher training

If you like working with children and you can speak English well, you can

As a self-employed HYL partner/teacher with a "mobile HYL language school“, you can organise English schools in your area in kindergartens, day-care centres, afterschool facilities, schools, adult education centres, mothers' support centres or in private premises.
You can either teach yourself and/or work with contract teachers. Some partners have up to 500 children.

HYL services:


  • 1-day TeacherTrainingCourse Levels 1+2
  • 1-day TeacherTrainingCourse Levels 3+4
  • 1-day TeacherTrainingCourse Levels 5+6
  • Licence fee
  • Use of HYL learning materials, 1 Level every six months for all children
  • Use of  teaching materials with Teacher’s Guides, flashcards + games for
    Levels 1+2, Levels 3+4, Levels 5+6

1-day TeacherTrainingCourse Levels 1+2 with Rosa Wagner enables you to become a qualified HYL Teacher.
The Teacher’s Guides allow you to give structured and effective lessons without any effort as all English lessons are already prepared for all levels. Possible areas of activity of an HYL partner 1. Manage a mobile HYL language school

  • The HYL partner does not teach himself/herself in kindergartens/day-care centres, afterschool centres, schools, adult education centres, mothers' support centres or in private rooms
  • With contract teachers

2. Holiday courses and leisure activities (2-3 hours a day or more)
3. Holiday camps with English (1-2 weeks bilingual + daily intensive lessons)
4. "English Theatre“ etc. as a source of income or advertising
5. Convince kindergartens/day-care centres and afterschool centres where the nursery school teachers offer English themselves Receive a percentage commission of training course fees and selling materials
6. Win over other partners world-wide
Receive a percentage commission of the revenue  
If you are interested in setting up a livelihood using one or all of these areas of activity,
simply contact us: +49 6023 96 76 087 - Mobile: 0171 34 17 990 
Working with or for children is always a source of pleasure!