How to make English a real winner at your kindergarten

Would you also like to give your children the benefits of early language training in English? With Happy Young Learning, English in kindergarten is child's play!

  •  with an external HYL teacher or


  • with your own nursery school teachers


English games with external HYL teachers:

We will gladly send you a qualified HYL teacher from your area to teach your children English with pleasure, fun and ease

  • in small groups or with all children in your facility


  • 1 or several lessons a week.


Playing English with your own kindergarten team:

You too can teach children English


For over 10 years, Happy Young Learning has been working together with kindergarten teams and major sponsors who offer English in their own centres
– successfully, self-confidently and competently!  Every training course is a special pleasure and enables nursery school teachers to start an English project immediately with enthusiasm. Read about it for yourself:  "Our director went to an information evening organised by Happy Young Learning. When she told us about it, we were enthusiastic straight away. At first we were worried it might be too much for the children and we weren't sure whether we could teach English to our 3 year olds. But then we decided to go ahead with the new experiment full of expectations and attended a training course with Rosa Wagner. All three of us were very interested what would come of it all: It started with a theoretical introduction but then we went relatively quickly over to the practical part. This involved taking a look at the first English play lesson. At the beginning we played the role of the children, but then after a short time we were given the role of teachers ourselves. We soon realised how well thought out, playful and easy the concept is to put into practice. We had a lot of fun during the training course and we laughed a lot! At the end of the course, we went back to our centre with a lot of motivation. Today, English is an integral part of what we offer at the day-care centre and we will definitely keep it because of the positive feedback we have received from children and parents.“ S. Warnholtz and E. Steer, CVJM Children's Day-Care Centre, Hamburg