for children from 2 to 10

Happy Young Learning has existed since 1997
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Happy Young Learning was started by Rosa-Maria Wagner in 1997 so that children can learn English like their mother tongue – easily and naturally, with enthusiasm and success.

Experience confirms the findings made by linguists:
The earlier the better!
The earlier a child starts, the easier it learns!

Foreign language teaching in kindergartens is a necessary contribution to promote a child's holistic development and education – and it is a life-long gift for your children.


In kindergartens, primary schools, after-school care centres, private language schools, adult education centres, mothers' support centres and playgroups


  • Genuine experiential education - multisensory, exciting and unforgettable
  • Learning English using the latest scientific findings in education in early childhood
  • Hear + experience + understand English = speak English
  • The foundation for school and career
  • Natural and simple learning and teaching methods
  • With qualified HappyYoungLearning teachers and trained educators
  • With books + CDs + games for the children
  • 3 - 4 years of English, Levels 1 - 6
  • Based on primary schools curricula
  • Teaching materials provided in Teacher’s Guides, picture cards and games
  • 1-day training courses for business partners, teachers and educators
  • Learning and playing are fun for the whole family
  • With parents' guide
  • Recommended by linguists
  • Developed by primary school teacher Rosa Wagner, author of ""Englisch lernen mit Benjamin Blümchen“, MaxHueberVerlag Munich


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