Would you like to give your child the amazing chance of early language training?


Would you like your child to reap the benefits at school


and throughout his/her life by learning a foreign language?

With Happy Young Learning your child learns to speak English - without learning! 



HYL English courses are offered throughout Germany in kindergartens, day-care centres, afterschool centres, primary schools, mothers' support centres and adult education centres.

Ask your kindergarten for HYL English courses.


Or call us and we will organise English lessons at your kindergarten.


Or organise a private group yourself – We will gladly send you an HYL teacher.


Or have fun playing English with your child yourself. The Parent's Guides show you how.



Quotations from scientists and good reasons for early language training:  "Children are utter miracles when it comes to dealing with language.“ Bénédicte Boysson-Bardies, psycholinguist at the CNRS "Every influence from our surroundings, however short it is - a conversation, a game, a room, an experience - leaves a lasting impression on our brain.“  Carla Shatz, neurobiologist, California "A child should be exposed to many diverse stimuli and then you should stand back and see what he or she picks out. A kindergarten should offer everything.“ Angela Friderici, Director of the Max-Planck Institute for Neuropsychology, Leipzig "Learning and development are very tightly knit. How do we want to separate them?“ Tobias Bonhoefer, Munich "... give children everything otherwise nothing will develop.“ Uwe Heinemann, Charité Clinic, Berlin "When the nerve cells are not connected at the right time, there is no way to catch up.“ Wolf Singer, Director of the Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt "It is never too soon for a child to begin, but it can be too late.“ Rosa Wagner  Invest now in the future of your child! Your child will be grateful to you.