I started HappyYoungLearning in 1997 promote language training for all children at an early age using my happy English courses specially designed for young children  and the accompanying teaching and learning materials. 
As primary school teacher and mother of two daughters, I have had a lot of experience with children, in particular who to teach them with success and make their learning experience a lot of fun. 
For several years, I gained experience in giving private English lessons and studying the latest scientific findings in teaching English to young children. This all led to the birth of the HappyYoungLearning concept. 
As children attend kindergarten during the vital years when they start learning their mother tongue, I had the idea of integrating English into the kindergarten curriculum.  As a result of this pioneering work, HappyYoungLearning achieved much success as today, English is a fixed subject in kindergarten curricula. Since 2001, a large number of institutions have accepted the English training system offered ny HappyYoungLearning to teach English themselves in kindergartens  - this is a vital contribution towards equal opportunities, also when it comes to English. 
Many private language schools, kindergartens and schools in Germany work together with HappyYoungLearning with the inspiration of giving our children a better language education as early as possible. My work has always been based on personal work with children whose eyes sparkle with joy and pride when they speak their first words and sentences in English.